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We started to write the blog ”A day in the city” (Egy nap a városban) in 2010. As a result of four years’ work, having published more than a thousand posts we could not be more certain that we know Budapest like the back of our hands.

We know the hidden places, tunnels and passages, the stories and secrets of emblematic buildings, places to enjoy coffee or taste sirloin, and the best scenes to launch a teambuilding flashmob. In one word, we can organise a whole day to make you feel you have visited a new city where each corner has its own surprises.

We started our weekend tours during spring 2012, and that summer also organised our first team building programme. Since then we have conceptualised tours in Budapest for high-profile companies such as Google. We have organised tours for fifty professionals from abroad, and ten Hungarian colleagues, too. There have been team building sessions based on gastronomy, and others focusing on the secret places of Budapest. There have been ones about history and others about culture. Or these topics altogether, involving each team member.

We have created a number of general programmes that you might choose from – these can be found in the Tours menu in the menu bar on the left. Should you have any special requirements, we are ready to fulfil them.