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Bath package
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Budapest is the city of spas. The city is loaded with excellent pools, and boasts the most beautiful spa of the world, Gellért, where colleagues may thaw among Zsolnay tiles and unbelievable sceneries. A cold water pool here, a hot water pool or a little steam there, it is a perfect place for the team to relax. Before that, the team tries its candy making skills in a marvellous sweeties epicentre. A choir singing beautiful songs in the spa is also available on request (the price doesn't include this event).

After the programmes the group goes for a dinner to the coziest square of Budapest, where they have three courses accompanied by wine.

Estimated tour time: min. 5 hours

Price/person: from 14.000 HUF+VAT/person (the price was calculated for a group size of 30 persons; food is included)