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Company birthday package
Let the whole team celebrate together!
Certain programmes ensure a great time getting the team together and providing an excellent occasion to celebrate. These include a painting session together, an improvisation performance, a relaxing bath in one of the gems of Budapest, or a good pint of beer for everyone. These great programmes have all been picked for this special package.

You may also order a special game. This means that a puzzle arrives at the company: someone would like to give a present to the colleagues, but first they have to find the way to the person. Staff members get together and go about the city to find the clue, and have fun together at the end of the day.

Estimated tour time: min. 5 hours

Group size min/max: 12/N.A.

Price/person: from 16 000 HUF+VAT/person (the price was calculated for a group size of 30 persons; food is included)