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A day in the city for companies from other parts of the country
Get a feel for the city like you have never done before!
Seeing the contemporary face of the city is just as interesting as the remnants of its history. We have selected the best of both worlds for this special tour. The package can be a perfect choice for companies from outside Budapest, or teams from the city who would like to get a deeper knowledge of Budapest – the two can also be combined, providing a meeting point for the staff of two companies from different cities who usually communicate via telephone only.

Participants do not get a listing of unnecessary data or endless descriptions of historical legends. They are only told the most interesting stories – those that make them look at the city from a new perspective, one that would also be interesting for us if we visited Budapest as tourists.

Programmes on the schedule include sausage filling, a boat trip, a relaxing bath, a historical lunch in a restaurant with a distinctive atmosphere (and tables with checked table cloth) not to be missed, and an unforgettable evening at the end of the day.

Estimated tour time: min. 10 hours (can be shortened)

Group size min/max: 12/60 (In case of a group size exceeding 60 persons please request a special offer)

Price/person: from 19 000 HUF/person (the price was calculated for a group size of 30 persons; food is included)