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2014 - Joyce Maynard

American author Joyce Maynard and her husband Jim Barringer visited Budapest for a few days, and asked the Egy nap a városban (A day in the city) blog to show them around the city. It was a useful information for us that they were open to everything and interested in all faces of the city. Related article: varosban.blog.hu.

2014 - Cargill Magyarország Zrt.

We took 65 people on a tour of our favourite places. Programmes included a boat trip, filling sausages, and visits to a tower and a contemporary art venue that only a few can access.

2014 - Saatchi & Saatchi Hungary

We accompanied 38 people for three days, and told them stories of the city in English. Programmes included an exciting tour of the castle, a grandiose escape game in Csepel, and a deep insight of ruin pubs and the ’party district’.

2014 - The Hungarian subsidiary of an international print company

Gluten-free tour in english. In a theater we could watch a famous hungarian actor preparing for the evening show.

2013 - Google

Thirty people arrived in Budapest from all around the world. Google requested an alternative tour of Budapest introducing the past of the city in an entertaining way. We told them the most interesting stories, presented to them the café culture of the turn of the century, filled sausages, tasted pickles, and acquainted ourselves with the art of the city in that era and contemporary times.

2013 - The Hungarian subsidiary of an international media company

In the middle of the year we received a request for a company event for ten people with a meaningful recreation programme. The tour included a boat tour, blindfolded sushi tasting, rarely heard stories of Budapest, delicious hamburgers and biscuits, and a bottle of champagne popped open over the city.

2013 - Hungarian energy supplier

We planned an unforgettable evening for a lucky group of friends in connection with a prize game. Since it was a winter programme and participants spent much time walking, we also provided hot alcoholic drinks and glowing iron with the help of a master smith.

2012 - Google

During this tour we had to move 50 people around Budapest at the same time, so the company was divided into two groups. We organized a purely casual sightseeing of Budapest with plenty of laughs and programmes stretching into the night.

2012 - The Hungarian subsidiary of an international petrochemical company

We showed thirty people what’s worth seeing in the city of Budapest. We took them to our favourite places where they could take part in unique programmes, and participants could even present their improvisation skills on a theatrical stage.